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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the federal regulation that requires the use of standard X12 transactions to report and inquire about health care services. If you use electronic transactions, you had to implement HIPAA 5010 by Jan. 1, 2012. After Jan. 1, 2012, version 4010A1 is no longer valid.

HIPAA 5010


    Trading Partner Agreement 
    Trading Partner Registration Form

    EDI registration forms

    Combined electronic remittance advice (ERA)/electronic funds transfer (EFT) or EFT-only registration – Providers seeking to register or manage account changes for EFT only, or EFT and ERA combined, will need to use the secure electronic ERA/EFT registration platform, EnrollHub™, a Council for Quality Healthcare (CAQH) Solution™. CAQH is an independent company that provides an electronic registration tool on behalf of BlueChoice HealthPlan. This tool will help eliminate the need for paper registration, reduce administrative time and costs, and allow you to register with multiple payers at one time. 

    Providers previously registered with us to receive combined ERA/EFT or EFT (only) will register with EnrollHub to manage account changes, but otherwise do not need to take action. Paper registration forms for combined ERA/EFT or EFT (only) are being discontinued and are no longer available. 

    ERA (only) online registration

    Providers or their third party billing agents (e.g. billing vendor or clearinghouse) will use these links to register and manage account changes for ERA only. EnrollHub must be used for providers seeking to enroll for EFT or ERA/EFT combined.

    • Providers and all other entities may use the link below. Providers who have previously registered for EFT using the EnrollHub process for EFT should add ERA to their profile using the EnrollHub process. Please do not submit duplicate requests using multiple form submission methods. ERA registration e-form
    • Manage suppression (turn off) of your paper remittance vouchers here
    • Clearinghouses may opt to submit registration requests on behalf of their clients. If a clearinghouse wishes to provide this service to their clients, a user ID and password will be required. The clearinghouse should contact EDI for additional information on requirements and needed information. NOTE: Only registrations submitted by a clearinghouse with login credentials can be checked using the status tool. 

    Clearinghouse ERA registration  

    Clearinghouse ERA registration status


    Contact Information

    The EDI Solutions Help Desk is available Mondays - Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. 

    Phone: 1-800-470-9630


    News and Bulletins  

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